Our dedicated team comprises of competent people with extensive knowledge and experience. Our professionalism and expertise help us to service our clients to their satisfaction. Some of the key members of our firm are:

CA Sachin D Jain (Founder) (ACA, B.Com, DISA)

Sachin is a professional with a remarkable profile, having obtained a Chartered Accountancy qualification in 2016 and a Diploma in Information System Audit (DISA) from ICAI in 2019. Before starting his consulting firm, Sachin spent 2.5 years working with Deloitte Haskins & Sells LLP, which is one of the world's Big 4 Auditing Firms. With a wealth of experience in his field, Sachin's core strengths lie in Auditing, Assurance, and Financial Planning for IPO and other fundraising options.

Throughout his career, Sachin has gained extensive experience in various aspects of auditing, assurance, and financial planning, with a focus on IPO and other fundraising options. He has collaborated with 6 merchant bankers on over 40 IPOs across various segments of BSE & NSE, providing invaluable financial planning and restructuring advice to more than 50 companies.

Sachin's exceptional expertise in the field of Auditing, Assurance, and Financial Planning has enabled him to develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry's trends and challenges.
Overall, Sachin's diverse experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry make him a highly sought-after professional in the field of Auditing, Assurance, and Financial Planning. His technical skills and practical experience have enabled him to provide exceptional value to his clients and make a significant contribution to the industry. Sachin's focus on providing clients with the best possible service, coupled with his ability to deliver innovative solutions, has earned him an excellent reputation in his field. His knowledge of regulatory compliances, coupled with his ability to apply that knowledge effectively, makes our organization seeking to maximize their financial potential.

Priya Maroti (Manager - Tax)

Priya has significant experience in managing the regulatory compliance of various companies, firms and individuals. She has a thorough understanding of the GST, TDS and other compliance regulations and has reviewed the books of account on a monthly basis to ensure compliance.

As part of her responsibilities, Priya has been responsible for finalizing the books of account for audits and income tax return filing for individuals, firms and companies. She has demonstrated her ability to work independently and has solely managed TDS & GST compliances, ensuring that all relevant returns and other compliances are filed accurately and within the stipulated timelines.

Overall, Priya's extensive experience in managing the regulatory compliance of various firms and individuals, along with her thorough knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations, make her a valuable asset to any organization. Her ability to work independently and her track record of ensuring accurate and timely filing of compliances make her a highly sought-after professional in her field.

Dipesh Chudasama (Manager - Assurance)

Dipesh is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in the field of Audit and Assurance. He has been involved in various audit engagements across different industries and sectors.
Throughout his career, Dipesh has been involved in conducting statutory audits, internal audits and tax audits for various clients alongwith performing financial due diligence of 10+ Companies going for the purpose of IPO. Apart from audit and assurance, Dipesh has also provided valuable advice to clients on matters related to corporate governance, risk management, and internal controls. He has assisted clients in developing and implementing risk management frameworks, identifying key risks, and designing controls to mitigate those risks.

Dipesh has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, which he uses to build strong relationships with clients and team members. He is committed to providing high-quality services and delivering value to his clients. His professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail make him a trusted advisor to his clients.

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